Art and Innovation

Art and Innovation

The Xerox PARC Artist-in-Residence Program

ISBN 9780262275002
307 pp.
July 1999

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The MIT Press

Art and Innovation

The Xerox PARC Artist-in-Residence Program

The idea behind Xerox’s interdisciplinary Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) is simple: if you put creative people in a hothouse setting, innovation will naturally emerge. PARC’s Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR) brings artists who use new media to PARC and pairs them with researchers who often use the same media, though in different contexts. This is radically different from most corporate support of the arts, where there is little intersection between the disciplines. The result is both interesting art and new scientific innovations. Art and Innovation explores the unique process that grew from this pairing of new media artists and scientists working at the frontier of developing technologies. In addition to discussing specific works created during several long-term residencies, the artists and researchers reveal the similarities and differences in their approaches and perspectives as they engage each other in a search for new methods for communication and creativity.

Contributors: Marshall Bern, David Biegelsen, Michael Black, Jeanette Blomberg, John Seely Brown, Margaret Crane, Paul De Marinis, Jeanne C. Finley, Rich Gold, Craig Harris, Steve Harrison, David Levy, Constance Lewallen, Dale MacDonald, Judy Malloy, Cathy Marshall, Scott Minneman, John Muse, Susan Newman, Joel Slayton, Lucy Suchman, Randy Trigg, Stephen Wilson, Jon Winet, Pamela Z.


  1. Series Foreword
  2. Preface
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Introduction

    John Seely Brown

  5. 1. The Xerox Palo Alto Research Center Artist-in-Residence Program Landscape

    Craig Harris

  6. 2. PAIR: The Xerox PARC Artist-in-Residence Program

    Rich Gold

  7. 3. The PARC PAIR Process

    Craig Harris with perspectives from Constance Lewallen and David Biegelsen

  8. 4. The Place of the Artist

    Steve Harrison

  9. 5. O Night Without Objects

    Jeanne C. Finley and John Muse with Lucy Suchman, Jeanette Blomberg, Susan Newman, and Randy Trigg

  10. 6. Public Literature: Narratives and Narrative Structures in LambdaMOO

    Judy Malloy

  11. 7. Forward Anywhere: Notes on an Exchange Between Intersecting Lives

    Judy Malloy and Cathy Marshall

  12. 8. Endless Beginnings: Tales from the Road to “Now Where?”

    Margaret Crane, Dale MacDonald, Scott Minneman, and Jon Winet

  13. 9. An Archeology of Sound: An Anthropology of Communication

    Paul De Marinis

  14. 10. Reflections on PAIR

    Stephen Wilson

  15. 11. Artscience Sciencart

    Michael Black, David Levy, and Pamela Z

  16. 12. Conduits: An Experimental Media Performance

    Joel Slayton

  17. 13. Art Shows at PARC

    Marshall Bern

  18. Selected Bibliography
  19. Contributors
  20. Index