Sonic Interaction Design

Sonic Interaction Design

ISBN 9780262313308
392 pp.
April 2013

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The MIT Press

Sonic Interaction Design

Sound is an integral part of every user experience but a neglected medium in design disciplines. Design of an artifact’s sonic qualities is often limited to the shaping of functional, representational, and signaling roles of sound. The interdisciplinary field of sonic interaction design (SID) challenges these prevalent approaches by considering sound as an active medium that can enable novel sensory and social experiences through interactive technologies. This book offers an overview of the emerging SID research, discussing theories, methods, and practices, with a focus on the multisensory aspects of sonic experience.

Sonic Interaction Design gathers contributions from scholars, artists, and designers working at the intersections of fields ranging from electronic music to cognitive science. They offer both theoretical considerations of key themes and case studies of products and systems created for such contexts as mobile music, sensorimotor learning, rehabilitation, and gaming. The goal is not only to extend the existing research and pedagogical approaches to SID but also to foster domains of practice for sound designers, architects, interaction designers, media artists, product designers, and urban planners. Taken together, the chapters provide a foundation for a still-emerging field, affording a new generation of designers a fresh perspective on interactive sound as a situated and multisensory experience.

Contributors: Federico Avanzini, Gerold Baier, Stephen Barrass, Olivier Bau, Karin Bijsterveld, Roberto Bresin, Stephen Brewster, Jeremy Coopersotck, Amalia De Gotzen, Stefano Delle Monache, Cumhur Erkut, George Essl, Karmen Franinović, Bruno L. Giordano, Antti Jylhä, Thomas Hermann, Daniel Hug, Johan Kildal, Stefan Krebs, Anatole Lecuyer, Wendy Mackay, David Merrill, Roderick Murray-Smith, Sile O’Modhrain, Pietro Polotti, Hayes Raffle, Michal Rinott, Davide Rocchesso, Antonio Rodà, Christopher Salter, Zack Settel, Stefania Serafin, Simone Spagnol, Jean Sreng, Patrick Susini, Atau Tanaka, Yon Visell, Mike Wezniewski, John Williamson.


  1. Introduction
  2. 1. Listening to the Sounding Objects of the Past: The Case of the Car

    Karin Bijsterveld and Stefan Krebs

  3. 2. The Experience of Sonic Interaction

    Karmen Franinović and Christopher Salter

  4. 3. Continuous Auditory and Tactile Interaction Design

    Yon Visell, Roderick Murray-Smith, Stephen A. Brewster, and John Williamson

  5. 4. Pedagogical Approaches and Methods

    Davide Rocchesso, Stefania Serafin, and Michal Rinott

  6. 5. Perceptual Evaluation of Sound-Producing Objects

    Bruno L. Giordano, Patrick Susini, and Roberto Bresin

  7. I. Case Studies: Audio and Touch
  8. 6. Perceptual Integration of Audio and Touch: A Case Study of PebbleBox

    Sile O’Modhrain and Georg Essl

  9. 7. Semiacoustic Sound Exploration with the Sound of Touch

    David Merrill and Hayes Raffle

  10. 8. The Gamelunch: Basic SID Exploration of a Dining Scenario

    Stefano Delle Monache, Pietro Polotti, and Davide Rocchesso

  11. 9. ZiZi: The Affectionate Couch and the Interactive Affect Design Diagram

    Stephen Barrass

  12. 10. SonicTexting

    Michal Rinott

  13. 11. The A20: Interactive Instrument Techniques for Sonic Design Exploration

    Atau Tanaka, Olivier Bau, and Wendy Mackay

  14. II. Case Studies: Sonification of Human Activities
  15. 12. Designing Interactive Sound for Motor Rehabilitation Tasks

    Federico Avanzini, Simone Spagnol, Antonio Rodà, and Amalia De Götzen

  16. 13. Sonification of the Human EEG

    Thomas Hermann and Gerold Baier

  17. 14. High-Density Sonification: Overview Information in Auditory Data Explorations

    Johan Kildal and Stephen A. Brewster

  18. III. Case Studies: Sound in Virtual Reality
  19. 15. Simulating Contacts between Objects in Virtual Reality with Auditory, Visual, and Haptic Feedback

    Jean Sreng and Anatole Lécuyer

  20. 16. Sonic Interaction via Spatial Arrangement in Mixed-Reality Environments

    Mike Wozniewski, Zack Settel, and Jeremy R. Cooperstock

  21. 17. Heigh Ho: Rhythmicity in Sonic Interaction

    Cumhur Erkut, Antti Jylhä, and Davide Rocchesso

  22. 18. Barking Wallets and Poetic Flasks: Exploring Sound Design for Interactive Commodities

    Daniel Hug

  23. Contributors
  24. Index