What Is Gray Literature?

Conventionally, researchers have preferred utilizing only research that has passed through the traditional academic publishing process, like peer-reviewed academic journals or monographs, but recently the impact and speed of information outside that sphere have grown. ARTECA seeks to capture research and work created by both groups and individuals outside traditional channels. These materials are called gray literature.

Problems of Gray Literature

Gray literature lacks an organized means of collection and distribution and may include conference papers, exhibition catalogs, newsletters, lecture recordings, blog postings or podcasts.

How ARTECA Captures Gray Literature

Despite the divergent nature of gray literature, ARTECA is interested in curating and archiving these materials, making them stable and citable. The first gray literature object included in ARTECA is Creative Disturbance, a multilingual podcast platform committed to furthering the exploration of interdisciplinary research that connects the humanities, art, science and technology. In ARTECA, each podcast is assigned a Digital Object Identifier, or DOI, which makes archiving and referencing this type of digital scholarly output easier.