Volume 35, Issue 2
April 2002

112 pages
ISSN 0024-094X
E-ISSN 1530-9282

SBART 2.4: An IEC Tool for Creating Two-Dimensional Images, Movies and Collages

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In this article, the author gives an overview of SBART 2.4, an interactive system used to create abstract two-dimensional images, collages and movies. The system, one of the successors of Karl Sims's system, runs on a small computer that uses a function to calculate the color value of each pixel as a genotype. All of the ranges and domains are three-dimensional vectors. The system utilizes a multi-field user interface to enhance the diversity of production and has optional facilities that allow the creation of collages of external images or short movies.

Computer Scientist, Department of Information Systems Science, Soka University, Tangi-machi, Hachioji, Tokyo 192–8577, Japan. Web Site: <http://www.intlab.soka.ac.jp/∼unemi/sbart/>. E-mail: <unemi@iss.soka.ac.jp>.

Tatsuo Unemi has been working in the fields of artificial intelligence and then artificial life since 1981, at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nagaoka University of Technology, the Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering Research and Soka University in Japan. His current interests include genetic algorithms, reinforcement learning and artificial life.

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