Volume 48, Issue 1
February 2015

112 pages
ISSN 0024-094X
E-ISSN 1530-9282

Special Section of Leonardo Transactions: Technologies of Scientific Visualization

Achromatic Reasoning - On the Relation of Gray and Scale in Radiology

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The paper explores the relation of grayscale and measurements in the field of diagnostic computed tomography. By looking at the epistemology of achromatic visualizations in medical imaging the author argues to explore digital images as both algorithmic and aesthetic objects. Thereby it becomes obvious how color coding in medicine provides not only a superficial quality but a deep and even quantitative insight.

Image Knowledge Gestaltung, Cluster of Excellence at Humboldt University Berlin, Unter den Linden 6, D-10090 Berlin, Germany. Email: kathrin.friedrich@huberlin.de.

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