Volume 48, Issue 1
February 2015

112 pages
ISSN 0024-094X
E-ISSN 1530-9282

General Articles

Code Bending: A New Creative Coding Practice

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Creative coding, or artistic creation through the medium of program instructions, is constantly gaining traction, and there is a steady stream of new resources emerging to support it. However, the question of how creative coding is carried out still deserves more attention. In what ways may the act of program development be rendered conducive to artistic creativity? As one possible answer to this question, the authors present and discuss a new creative coding practice, that of code bending, alongside examples and considerations regarding its applications.

Ilias Bergstrom (researcher), EventLAB, Universitat de Barcelona, Campus de Mundet—Edifici Teatre, Passeig de la Vall d’Hebron 171, 08035 Barcelona, Spain. Email: iliasbergstrom@ub.edu, onar3d@gmail.com.

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