Volume 44, Issue 1
February 2011

112 pages
ISSN 0024-094X
E-ISSN 1530-9282

General Articles

Exploitation of Victims' Desire for Revenge: A Natural Psychological Mechanism and Its Unnatural Production in Culture and Politics

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This paper elaborates on key themes of the on-line project Victims' Symptom—PTSD and Culture. A clinical, psychiatric definition of victim, rather than a cultural one, is used to distinguish real from false victims. The danger of the media production of false victims lies in its power to re-victimize the original victims, aside from gains that a false victim may win by taking on the role or attitudes of a victim. Contrary to the common stress on financial benefits of being a victim, this article focuses on the negative economy of revenge, as a postponed reaction by real victims, that if institutionalized may provoke or support and even increase the production of new fatalities.

Ana Peraica (educator), American College of Management and Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology, Makarska 1, 21 000 Split, Croatia. E-mail: Ana.Peraica@rit.edu.

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