Leonardo Music Journal
Issue 7
December 1997

112 pages
ISSN 0961-1215
E-ISSN 1531-4812

Artists' Articles

To Be and Not to Be: Aspects of the Interaction Between Instrumental and Electronic Compositional Methods

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The author provides an overview of the many consequences that the arrival of electroacoustic music has produced on musical material and discusses the advantages of an interaction between manifest instrumental and “subjacent” electroacoustic writing. By writing, the author means the compositional processes themselves. His discussion ranges from the use of particular harmonic techniques to the revolutionary role that time expansion plays in obtaining a deeper perception and evaluation of the sound phenomena. The author uses some of his works to exemplify the compositional aspects discussed.

This article is part of the Leonardo special project entitled “A Radical Intervention: The Brazilian Contribution to the International Electronic Art Movement,” guest edited by Eduardo Kac. The project consists of a wealth of information in the form of a gallery, chronologies and a series of articles published in various issues of Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal and on the Leonardo World Wide Web Site (http://mitpress.mit.edu/e-journals/Leonardo/home.html).