Leonardo Music Journal
Issue 7
December 1997

112 pages
ISSN 0961-1215
E-ISSN 1531-4812

Theoretical Perspective

Propositional Music: On Emergent Properties in Morphogenesis and the Evolution of Music: Part II: Imponderable Forms and Compositional Methods

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In Part I of this article, “Essays, Propositions and Commentaries,” published in Leonardo Volume 30, Number 4 (1997), a point of view about creative music making termed “propositional music” was described. This method of composing involves proposing models for whole musical realities emphasizing the dynamic emergence of forms through evolution and transformation. Related areas of music, science and philosophy influencing this view were discussed. In Part II, this discussion is continued by considering the comprehension of initially undefined or imponderable forms, some premises with which to approach making propositional music and some fundamental steps to consider in constructing methods for composition and improvisation. The article concludes with comments on how substantive phenomena emerge and spread through complex dissipative and resonant processes and discussion of the relationship of propositional music to society.