Leonardo Music Journal
Issue 7
December 1997

112 pages
ISSN 0961-1215
E-ISSN 1531-4812

For Magnetic Tape I and Exercise 10

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Christian Wolff is a composer who is mostly self-taught; his early associations, first with John Cage and later with Morton Feldman, David Tudor, Earle Brown, Frederic Rzewski and Cornelius Cardew, helped form the direction of his work. He taught Classics at Harvard and has taught Classics and Music at Dartmouth College since 1971. His music is published by C.F. Peters and has been recorded on the Time-Mainstream, Columbia, Wergo, Vox, EMI, CRI, Orpus One, Philo, Hat Hut, Koch, Collecta, Centaur and Mode labels. He has received a music award from the American Academy and the National Institute for Arts and Letters and the John Cage Award for Music.