Theater as a mode of Dissent [FA]

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
In this conversation, Jamshid Moradian speaks with me about his ontological approach to art as a transcendental phenomenon, the necessity of art in today’s hectic modern life, the problem of consumerism in the realm of the arts, and touches upon why art should keep pace with the spirit of the age. Regarding the existential necessity of art in today’s conflict-driven world, Jamshid Moradin contends that art has a potential to shed light on catastrophic occurrences around us. Such illumination contributes to the interpretation of such tragic events through evoking and touching upon both the senses and the mental state of art’s audiences. Indeed, art has a capacity to cast doubt over society’s cemented axiomatic principles grounded in historical biases that contribute to violence, and can influence the socially-constructed psychological domain of audiences, hence contributing to a deeper understanding of the world and sources of contention.